How to Push Through the End of Dry January

December 29, 2021

If you’re reading this, you have likely decided to embark on the journey that is Dry January - a time for self-reflection, self-improvement, and - especially towards the end - determination. It can be especially difficult to make it through that last push at the end of the month. At a time like that, it is important to remember the goals that you set for yourself, why you set them, and how far you have already come to reaching them. 

Tips to make it Through the End of Dry January

Whether you started Dry January for the sake of your physical health, mental wellbeing, or just as a test of will, you have a lot to celebrate for making it to where you are today. So, get ready for that final push! You’re almost there and you should be proud. We certainly are!

Here are a few tips to help you make it through the end of the month:

1. Get Active

By this point, you’ve probably found some new activities or hobbies that have taken up the time you may have spent with a drink in your hand. If you haven’t already, try joining a sports or recreational league to be a part of and play your favorite sport a couple of times a week. Maybe even pick up running or join a new type of exercise class. Your body and brain will thank you for the distraction and the healthy hobby!

2. Reread Your Journal

If you’ve kept track of your progress so far - how much weight you’ve lost, how the quality of your sleep has improved, how much more clear-headed you feel, etc. - then now is an excellent time to look back on your journey. It will serve as motivation to get through the end of the month stronger, soberer, and more self-aware than when you started.

3. Reward Yourself!

Drinking can be incredibly expensive and you may have saved a pretty penny this month! Putting these extra funds away for a rainy day is always a good idea, but if you have the ability and means, consider treating yourself. Take a friend out to dinner. Buy that thing you’ve been thinking of buying but couldn’t bring yourself to spend on. After a month of exercising your will and patience, you deserve the splurge (and you deserve to feel good about it, too!). 

Dry January isn’t so much about a “detox” as it is about being an opportunity to reshape your relationship with alcohol and with yourself. Society normalizes alcohol to the extent that taking a break from it can feel downright isolating. The big takeaway is, however, that satisfaction in a social setting can and should come from many other places besides booze - most importantly from within yourself. 

Some of us have extremely poor relationships with alcohol that are in need of immediate remedy, while others are just interested in living a healthier and happier life. Studies have shown that it is possible to utilize positive reinforcement for behavior modification related to alcohol. That’s where the Oberit app comes in. Whether your goal is weight loss, a clearer complexion, less brain fog, or the plethora of other benefits that a break from alcohol may bring you, we’ll offer you the support you need to be successful and sober. So, try going dry and put a cork in your drinking habits this January!

You're going to thrive today.

Earn rewards for being your best self.

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