How to Stay Sober During Dry January

December 29, 2021

Dry January is an opportunity for 31 days of self-improvement. Abstaining from alcohol for even just one month can lead to a variety of physical and mental benefits including better sleep, improved digestion and weight loss, financial savings, and a clearer mind overall. 

During the pandemic, many people noticed an increase in the amount of alcohol that they were drinking prior. Dry January gives us a chance to reset as we enter 2023. A break from booze can help you discover healthier ways to deal with boredom, anxiety, and stress that will endure beyond this one-month commitment. It can, however, be a difficult task to take on - especially when alcohol is such a central part of how we socialize with one another. Read on to learn about five tips for how to stay sober this Dry January and work towards the best version of you!

5 Tips on Staying Sober During Dry January

1. Grab a Sober Buddy

Have you ever compared the feeling of time passing when you jog with a friend versus alone? Having a companion often helps pass the time as well as makes the experience more enjoyable and meaningful. The same goes for taking on a challenge like Dry January. Enlisting a sober teammate will improve your chances of making it through the month. You will have someone to relate to, some to celebrate each other's wins with - maybe even someone to complain to now and again as well. It is especially handy to have a sober buddy for event planning - whether it's an alcohol-free outing for just the two of you or something to split a pack of virgin spritzers with. Feel like spicing it up? Make a bet with your buddy to up the incentive!

2. Eliminate Temptation at Home

It’s way easier to fail a diet when sugar is readily available to reach for, and keeping alcohol around the house for Dry January operates on the same principle. Being mindful of temptation at home is especially important at times like these when you’re likely spending more time staying in than you would have in years past. Continually opening the fridge or cabinets and seeing alcohol is an automatic temptation. So, don’t give yourself the choice! Ask a friend to hold on to your alcohol supply for you for the month or hide your stash in a safe, out-of-reach place. Or, if you have unopened bottles, save yourself a trip to the liquor store for the next dinner party you attend and gift them!

3. Mocktails, Mocktails, Mocktails…

It can be unfortunate, but alcohol is inherently woven into the way most adults around the world socialize with one another. If you are an aficionado on all things alcohol (or just really enjoy the taste!) then it may be easier to give in to your cravings. Luckily, there are plenty of nonalcoholic beverage brands to pick up at the store or order online. Fancy a homemade mixed drink? We’ve got you covered there, too. Check out What To Drink During Dry January for choices that are booze-free and bursting with flavor.

4. Journaling

As it takes a bit of time, this one may be hard for some folk - but also has the potential to be the most rewarding of our tips. Journaling can be helpful to track your progress in terms of how you are feeling or how much sleep you are getting. You can even jot down how much money you’re spending at restaurants or what your skin looks like in the morning when you first wake up - anything that could be related to your relationship with alcohol and how it affects you. It can serve as a real motivator to see a notable difference between your start and endpoint over the month that you’ve kept up with along the way! And, next time you’re considering another dry month, you can look back at your journal and be reminded of how you felt when you went alcohol-free.

5. Commit to Making it Work For YOU!

Dry January doesn’t have to be a period of time where you shut yourself in your home and sacrifice your social life. If you’re a natural social butterfly, you still can be - just make the necessary adjustments to set yourself up for success. Pre-plan your drinks for the evening so there is no ambiguity or uncertainty. Rally that sober buddy and tell them to get ready for a night out. Suggest new activities to your social circle that doesn’t involve alcohol at all, like going for a hike or to the movies. 

When you start Dry January, it is important to set realistic goals for yourself. Try sharing them with friends and family or writing them down to give them more meaning and weight on your future decisions. By keeping your social circle in the loop, you’ll be able to lean on them if you experience any periods of uncertainty during what can be a challenging experience. And the support doesn’t stop there - by downloading the Oberit app you will have access to encouragement backed by behavioral science research. We know that forming healthy, consistent habits is the best way to get back on track to whatever your goals may be, and we’re here to help.

So, are you ready to give dry a try?

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