Vision Boarding and Reflecting: A New Year's Guide

December 4, 2023

Ever find yourself staring at a blank wall, lost in thoughts about the year ahead? That's where Vision Boarding and Reflecting For The New Year comes into play. It's like having your very own roadmap to happiness - but instead of signs and stoplights, you're using colorful images and powerful words.

This isn't just some artsy fad or another "New Year, New Me" cliché. Nope! Creating a vision board is all about painting your desires onto something tangible; it's an invitation for clarity as we welcome another 365 days around the sun.

Think of it this way: wouldn’t you feel more excited embarking on a journey if you had a clear view of the destination? Well then, let’s start that engine!

So, you're wondering how reflection ties into all this? Great question! Don't go anywhere - we've got more to discuss.

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Table Of Contents:

What is Vision Boarding?

Vision boarding, a popular practice of visual goal-setting, offers an exciting way to bring your dreams and ambitions into the tangible world. But what exactly does this process entail? Let's unravel it together.

In essence, a vision board serves as a collage representation of your deepest desires and objectives. This art project uses images, words or phrases - usually cut from magazines or printed out - that symbolize what you want to achieve in life.

A well-crafted vision board becomes more than just a pretty display; it transforms into an everyday reminder that nudges you towards taking action on your goals. And the best part? It can be fun too. After all, who doesn't love letting their creative juices flow while cutting up old magazine issues or designing digital collages?

The Power Behind Visualizing Your Goals

If we dive deeper into why creating a vision board works so effectively for many people – beyond its aesthetic appeal – we find ourselves face-to-face with neuroscience research. As explained by Dr. Tara Swart in her book 'The Source', our brains are wired to respond powerfully to visual stimulation. The Source: Open Your Mind

When you invest time and energy creating these symbolic representations (whether they're pictures of the dream house you aspire to own one day or sticky notes scrawled with affirmations), it sends strong signals about what truly matters most to us straight down neural pathways.

Digital Vs Physical Boards: A Personal Choice

You may wonder if there's any significant difference between physical boards made using cardboard craft box materials like glue sticks and glitter glue, versus digital boards created on your mobile phone or computer. Well, the choice between a physical vision board (think: poster board adorned with washi tape) and a digital one boils down to personal preference.

Whether you're into snipping images from magazines for a hands-on experience, or love the ease of crafting an online collage with drag-and-drop features, Canva Collage Box is there to suit your style. It's all about what works best for you.

Key Takeaway:

Get creative with vision boarding to make your goals more tangible. Whether you choose a physical collage or a digital one, this visual representation of your dreams can become an everyday reminder that encourages action. By leveraging the power of our brain's response to visual stimulation, these symbolic images and words send strong signals about what truly matters most.

The Importance of Vision Boarding for the New Year

As we welcome a new year, it's common to start reflecting back on the past twelve months. We consider our achievements, ponder over challenges faced, and start forming resolutions for the coming year. But how many times have these resolutions fizzled out by February? That's where vision boarding comes in.

Vision boards are not just an art project; they're powerful tools that help you visualize your goals and aspirations. Making a vision board is more than simply cutting out pretty pictures from magazines or stock images online; it's about creating visual representations of what you want in life - your desires, intentions, and dreams.

How Vision Boards Support Goal Setting

A well-crafted vision board serves as a constant reminder of your year's resolutions top priorities — it keeps them at the forefront of your mind so they don't get lost in the day-to-day hustle bustle. According to HuffPost, visualization works because neurons interpret imagery as equivalent to real-life action – when we envision achieving our goals, our brain emits an impulse telling us that act has already happened.

This neural firing can make us more motivated to work towards those goals because subconsciously we feel like we've already achieved them. This makes sticking with those New Year's Resolutions much easier compared with writing down vague ambitions or wishes without any accompanying visuals.

Besides motivating you towards success through mental conditioning, making a vision board is also proven to be therapeutic. As reported by clinical psychologist Barbara Markway Ph.D., "Vision boards activate both parts of your brain: The creative right hemisphere, which helps you dream and visualize, and the logical left side that plans actions to reach your goals."

So this New Year's Eve, don't just make resolutions - create a vision board. It will not only be an exciting art project but also a powerful manifestation tool that can turn your dreams into reality.

Key Takeaway:

When we picture our success, it sparks a sense of achievement in us. This mental rehearsal not only keeps us motivated but also primes our brain to act on those goals. So, let's harness the power of vision boarding this year and turn those New Year resolutions into reality.

How to Create a Vision Board

Crafting your vision board doesn't need to be daunting. It's an art project that combines creativity and intentionality, creating collage representations of your aspirations.

Choosing Your Vision Board Layout

You'll start with the heart of your vision board - the layout. A blank poster board is where it all begins. Some prefer dividing their boards into sections based on different life areas like career, health, relationships, while others go for a more fluid design.

No matter what design you select, ensure it speaks to you. You can even seek inspiration from Pinterest, which houses thousands of unique layouts created by other visionaries like yourself.

Personalizing Your Vision Board

The next step is personalization - making this piece truly yours. Grab those old magazine issues lying around in your home office or search online for stock images that align with your goals.

A glue stick will become one of your best friends as you start arranging and attaching these cutouts onto the board; just remember not to overdo it with rubber cement or glitter glue – we're going for inspiring here, not a sticky mess.

Your creation should spark joy every time you look at it so let’s keep things visually pleasing too, shall we?

"A well-crafted vision board is a visual symphony of your dreams, singing them into existence." - Unknown Vision Board Expert

Remember this is not about creating carbon copies of someone else's vision but rather manifesting yours. Don't hesitate to get creative and enjoy the chaos.

Ultimately, the most important thing isn't the appearance of your vision board. It's how it impacts you.

Key Takeaway:

Don't worry if it's not picture perfect; what matters is that your vision board resonates with you, reflecting the desires of your heart and soul. Use this as a daily reminder to stay focused on achieving your goals.

Reflecting on the Previous Year

The previous twelve months have been a tumultuous experience, containing both successes and struggles. Reflecting back allows us to gain insight into our journey and growth.

We often overlook how much we've accomplished in 365 days. It's crucial to celebrate your wins - big or small. Maybe you finally kicked that bad habit or maybe you simply survived an incredibly tough day. Either way, these are milestones worth acknowledging.

Acknowledging Achievements

It’s time for some serious pat-on-the-back moments. Let's take a stroll through the past, remembering those times when we accomplished something of significance. Psychologists suggest, it boosts confidence levels and prepares us better for future endeavors.

Your accomplishments could range from completing a challenging project at work to reaching personal fitness goals or even learning a new hobby during winter break.

Navigating Challenges

Last year wasn't all sunshine and rainbows; there were dark clouds too. But remember this: 'challenges' is just another word for 'opportunities'. We learn more from our mistakes than from our successes according to James Clear. So let's embrace them.

You might have faced obstacles while working towards your New Year's resolutions last year but don’t let them deter you. Instead, use them as stepping stones toward achieving bigger things this coming year.

Bonus Step: Self-Forgiveness

We are often our harshest critics. So, while reflecting back on the past year, it’s essential to practice self-forgiveness too. Recalling that we all experience difficult times, but our resilience is what truly defines us.

Reflection as a Tool for Growth

Reflecting isn't just a trip down memory lane. It's also a strategic move to plan for future wins, according to Harvard Business.

Key Takeaway:

Reflect on the past year's highs and lows to celebrate your achievements, learn from challenges, and grow. Recognize even small victories like kicking a bad habit or surviving tough days. Use these insights as stepping stones for future success while practicing self-forgiveness for any missteps along the way.

Incorporating Reflection into Vision Boarding

Creating a vision board is more than just pasting pictures on cardboard. It's about carving out your desires and intentions, but how do we get there? By reflecting back.

Reflection isn't simply thinking about what you want; it's a deeper dive into understanding why those wants exist in the first place. This is where the real magic happens because reflection leads to manifestation.

From Reflection to Manifestation

Your thoughts shape your reality - that’s not new-age fluff, it’s psychological science. When you take time to reflect on what has worked for you in the past year and identify areas of growth, these insights fuel powerful changes.

To manifest your desires through vision boarding effectively, start by asking yourself some tough questions: What did I achieve last year? Which goals remain unfulfilled? Why?

The answers may surprise you – maybe even make you laugh or cry. That emotional connection helps solidify your intention as they turn from mere words into images on your vision board. Suddenly seeing them daily turns ‘wishful thinking’ into actionable steps towards making those dreams come true.

Digital Vision Boards: Creating a Visual on Your Phone or Computer

Creating digital vision boards is an exciting process that brings your dreams and aspirations to life. With the Canva app, you can transform these dreams into engaging visuals right from your mobile phone.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using Canva App for Vision Boarding

The first step in creating a digital version of your vision board involves setting up the canvas. Open the Canva App, choose "Custom dimensions", and input your desired size - perfect for a phone background or home screen.

Let imagination take control. Browse through stock images, upload personal photos or select artwork that resonates with you. You'll find plenty of inspiration within this design tool.

Your layout matters too. Think about how each image aligns with others - whether neatly organized like grid squares or freely scattered across the page; it should reflect who you are.

Making It Personal: Adding Unique Touches to Your Digital Vision Board

Incorporating personalized elements such as colors and fonts adds depth to our goals' visual representation. Maybe fiery red text signifies career ambition while soft blue backgrounds soothe mental health goals? The choices are yours alone.

To finish off, use fun stickers available in Canva’s extensive library – add encouraging quotes, cute icons representing future trips (think airplanes.), even sparkly stars symbolizing reaching new heights personally and professionally.

Bonus Step: Setting Up As Home Screen Or Phone Background

This bonus step takes manifestation mastery one notch higher by placing our vision board where we see it every day. Once your design is complete, save it as an image and set it as a home screen or phone background. This constant reminder will help fuel the drive towards goal achievement.

So why wait? Start transforming thoughts into visuals with Canva App today.

Key Takeaway:

Embrace the power of visualization by creating a digital vision board with Canva. Start by setting up your canvas, then let creativity flow as you choose images and design layouts that mirror your dreams. Add personal touches like colors, fonts, and stickers to symbolize different goals. Finally, boost daily motivation by making this visual representation of aspirations your phone's background.

Vision Boarding for Families: Setting Resolutions Together

When it comes to the New Year, we often think of individual resolutions. But have you ever considered setting family resolutions? It's a great time to start. Making collective goals not only strengthens familial bonds but also boosts each member's motivation.

Setting family resolutions can be as simple or complex as your tribe needs. Maybe it’s about spending more quality time together, or perhaps you all want to commit to healthier eating habits. The key is finding common ground and creating shared objectives that everyone can get excited about.

The Benefits of Family Vision Boarding

Making a vision board as a family adds an extra layer of connection and commitment towards these shared aspirations. You're no longer just imagining the future—you're visualizing it together.

A collective vision board serves two main purposes—it acts both as a constant reminder of your shared dreams and provides tangible proof when those ambitions are achieved.

Craft Time with Purpose: Creating Your Family Vision Board

To begin this fun yet meaningful art project, gather supplies like poster boards, scissors, glue sticks—plus lots of magazines for collage representations—and set up in your home office or any comfortable space where creativity flows freely.

Sit down together during winter break (or any free afternoon), brainstorm on what images represent your combined goals best then let loose with the cutting and pasting. Encourage everyone from youngest child to significant other in contributing their ideas visually onto the vision board layout.

Adding personal touches like washi tape or doodles will make the vision board even more special. Remember, there are no right or wrong images—it's all about what resonates with your family and inspires you towards your shared goals.

Making It Digital: A Modern Twist on Vision Boarding

If traditional cutting and pasting isn't quite your style, consider making a digital version instead. Using online tools like Canva can allow everyone to contribute from their mobile phone or computer. Once completed, set it as a home screen background so that every time someone uses their device they’re reminded of the family’s collective aspirations.

No matter which route you select, be mindful that each selection has its own one-of-a-kind voyage and consequences. Stay confident in your decisions.

Key Takeaway:

Creating family resolutions and vision boards can strengthen bonds, boost motivation, and give tangible form to shared dreams. The process is a fun art project that encourages collective creativity—whether it's with scissors, glue, and magazines or using digital tools like Canva. Remember: the journey matters as much as the goals.

FAQs in Relation to Vision Boarding and Reflecting for the New Year

What do you put on a vision board for New Year?

A vision board should include images, words, or symbols that represent your goals and aspirations for the coming year. They can be material things, experiences, feelings, or states of being.

What is a reflection for the New Year?

New Year's reflection involves looking back at your accomplishments and challenges from the past year. It helps set realistic resolutions and prepares you mentally for what lies ahead.

What is the difference between a vision board and a New Year's resolution?

A resolution is usually one specific goal to achieve in the new year while a vision board visually represents all aspects of life where improvement or change are desired.

How do you reflect and plan for New Year?

To reflect, look back on successes, failures & lessons learned over the last year. To plan: Set clear goals with action steps; visualize them using tools like Vision Boards to keep motivated throughout the upcoming months.


With vision boarding and reflecting for the New Year, you're crafting a vibrant picture of your future. It's about choosing images that resonate with your dreams and desires, assembling them in an appealing layout, and adding personal touches to truly make it yours.

Your board becomes more than just a collection of magazine clippings - it's a roadmap to success. It’s not just setting resolutions but creating reminders of what those resolutions mean to you.

We also touched on reflection as part of this process: recognizing past accomplishments and challenges gives depth to our goals. Recalling our earlier travels can help guide us towards our desired destinations.

You can even bring this practice into the digital world or share it with family members for collective goal-setting! So don't hesitate - get creative!

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